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VERANDA Names Maiden Stone California Garden Project ‘Best in Outdoor Living for 2021’

If there’s one thing we’ve gained amid the pandemic, it’s a deeper appreciation for outdoor spaces. Outdoor living has never been more coveted or essential. Perhaps that’s why when VERANDA magazine announced their ‘Best in Outdoor Living for 2021,’ the feature felt more celebratory and significant than it had in years past.


Maiden Stone was thrilled to learn that one of its projects featured in the March/April 2021 issue of the magazine was awarded “Cocktail Hour’s Most Coveted.” The San Francisco Bay Area cottage celebrates the best of the outdoors with several patio living spaces, leafy gardens, a stone-wrapped alcove, and a pool that appears as natural in its surroundings as the stately California redwoods that dot the property’s lush backdrop. Landscape designer Erica Timbrell helped to bring the homeowner’s unique vision to life.

The completely custom project was one of the first to feature Vicenza in a big way. When the homeowners first consulted Maiden Stone in 2017, they were looking for a low-maintenance stone that was functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and in-line with their budget.

They wanted a dark stone that matched the cottage-like look of their home, but one that could withstand the elements of nature, like tree and plant droppings from their heavily-wooded property. They needed something durable that didn’t stain. And while they preferred a darker stone, they were wary of heat retention from the hot California sun. In addition, they wanted a seamless look, which meant that each piece of stone was cut to size.

Vicenza was the perfect fit.

Maiden Stone first sent samples of the European-sourced stone to the client and upon approval, conducted a paving study to ensure that each piece was uniquely fitted. This meant measuring the stone down to the ⅛ of an inch and cutting L-shaped corner pieces to hide the miter joints. Every last detail was accounted for to ensure consistency. And because there’s not a lot of movement in the material, Maiden Stone was able to achieve the seamless look the homeowners desired.

“The team loves the material and they were very pleased with how beautiful it looks installed on the property,” Ashley Partridge, Maiden Stone’s Architectural Stone Consultant, said. “It’s a stark contrast against all the greenery. It really pops.”

While this was the first big projects to leverage Vicenza, Partridge noted that it’s gaining in popularity. Maiden Stone currently has several projects underway that all plan to utilize this same stone.

And there’s never been a better time to invest in outdoor living. As VERANDA says, ‘the great outdoors is the new American living room.’


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