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A Modern Marvel in the Hills of Sausalito

In simple designs, quality materials shine. The challenge is getting these materials where they need to be.

Photo Credits: Adam Rouse

When a San Francisco homeowner aspired to transform a formerly Mediterranean-style house into a more modern one to entertain his friends and grown daughters, stone was the focal point of the design. Tucked away on a private cul-de-sac at the end of one of Sausalito’s narrow streets that winds into the hills, the building site for this minimalist home was not without its challenges. Stone was delivered across the ocean in 20-foot containers and then artfully installed to create a refined retreat with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay.

This ambitious project was spearheaded by two women-led design teams. Nicole Hollis, one of the country’s most celebrated interior designers for her sophisticated style, set out to create a serene oasis. Arterra Landscape Architects utilized the flamed Faune Limestone seen inside to create a seamless look outdoors. The thoughtfully placed terrace plantings were made visible through the home’s oversize windows that further helped to bring the outdoors in.

“We wanted simplicity but with good materials,” Hollis told Galerie magazine. She added that her design was “about gently chiseling away the unnecessary, without leaving a home feeling barren and cold.”

The limestone used throughout the home showcases the versatility of the stone. Faune limestone is a dense, fine-grained natural stone that works as beautifully indoors as it does outside. Hollis used limestone for the home’s flooring and finished the walls with plaster, creating a contemporary but inviting aesthetic.

The highly collaborative project with San Francisco-based John Lum Architecture also leveraged Holly Baxter & Associates to advise on art acquisitions that are seen throughout the home. Lighting and other fixtures were selected with care to provide the home with texture, color, and warmth.

The end result is a bold renovation where every detail matters but does not outshine the main focal point: the sparkling San Francisco Bay.

Photo Credits: Arthur Kaligos and Adam Rouse


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