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Stoneworks: A Collaborative Effort From Hawaii to Colorado

Great projects come to life with great people.

In our new editorial series, Stoneworks, we’re showcasing some of our favorite projects. In this debut article, we’re highlighting a project that was made memorable not only by the impressive designs achieved in stone, but rather by the people involved in bringing them to life. Using natural stone to realize the dreams of our clients is what we focus on every day. Maiden Stone isn’t just in the stone business; stone is our passion.

Very rarely does the ultimate client — the homeowner — become so involved in a project that they invite the stone supplier and stone installer to meet with them. And that’s exactly what happened when Maiden Stone’s team collaborated with a couple from Hawaii who took their stone projects to the next level, and to several other properties around the country.

“These are the ideal clients,” says Maiden Stone’s Founder and President, Sandra Jonas Desguin. “They’re very involved. They’re interested in the details of the project — the craftsmanship, the artistry. They’re a super gracious, all-inclusive couple.”

The Kauai Residence project was so successful that the couple went on to work with Maiden Stone and various other teams on several projects in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, California, and Aspen, Colorado.

Reflecting on the team’s involvement with all these projects, Jonas Desguin says that it wasn’t necessarily the end design that made these works in stone so memorable. It was the collaborative team effort and the shared enthusiasm for bringing these unique visions to life.

“They really appreciated our involvement in the project — that we, too, cared so much, and they felt that.”


Landscape Architect: Dan Pearson Studio


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