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Virtual Quality Control – Getting it right in a pandemic

A fundamental and constant goal at Maiden Stone, has always been to delight our clients and exceed their expectations. One of the most critical requirements to achieve that is a thorough Quality Control (QC) program that we rigorously maintain while continuously striving to improve.

Despite the last two years, since the pandemic changed the world, we have never wavered in our commitment to quality on every project. Our ability to innovate has been a necessity as we continue to navigate the ebb and flow of constantly changing conditions. From lockdowns and safety measures to the limitations and restrictions on physical travel, we have adapted our established Quality Control measures to maintain our strict standards. Now, we have trained our factories and local inspectors to comprehensively provide photos, videos, and checklists to ensure that our practices are met and our QC remains at pre-pandemic levels or even better. These processes also include:

1. A mockup or submittal set of samples that accurately reflects the range of material to be expected with the order

2. A randomly selected dry-lay of the order to review the color and textural range

3. Ensuring conformance to the approved submittal samples

4. Measuring for accuracy of fabrication per the approved shop tickets

5. The authority to reject and have replaced any material that does not confirm to expectations

6. Excellence in crating and packing

"We've been extremely focused throughout our history to develop world class partners who are recognized experts in the industry. This allows us to make sure that we only work with the best factories, inspectors, and installers. As a result, we've established processes to succeed in even these unprecedented times. It's the trust and collaboration with our partners that produce the best result." - Sandra Jonas Desguin

As the world changes in ways no one could have predicted, be assured that the Maiden Stone team is adapting and adjusting quickly. Our unwavering goal is to provide our clients with the most seamless and friction-free experience possible at every point in the process—from the initial inquiry through to the delivery of superior products at the job-site.


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