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Harmonious and exacting Installation Wins Industry Accolades

Updated: Apr 25

Nestled in the mountains, this Aspen private residence features bold architectural lines, complemented by innovative take on a modern stone.

Jet Mist Granite, favored for its striking appearance and durability, was pushed to the limits in the design requirements for a harmonious installation to realize its full potential. Explains Maiden Stone founder, Sandra Jonas Desguin, “With its inherent organic patterning, Jet Mist was particularly enhanced  from a dry lay blend, ensuring seamless movement and allowing for a truly bespoke, flawless outcome.”  

Dry lay installation in natural stone refers to a method where stones are placed on the substrate to assess the layout, fit, and overall design before permanent installation.

Below is an image depicting the typical appearance of Jet Mist Granite, with veins running in various directions:

In the case of Aspen Private Residence, stone was subject to vein cutting and dry lay assembly at the factory, leading to uniformly organized veins across the surface.

Each piece in the dry lay install was numbered, ordered and photographed at all elevations, and sent to the architect for feedback. From there, pieces were packaged and shipped by elevation to the project site, ensuring a successful and aesthetically pleasing outcome for stone projects.

Maiden Stone oversaw the end-to-end process that made this project stand out above the rest, winning the Natural Stone Institute’s 2023 Pinnacle Award of Excellence in the Residential Single Family category. NSI prizes are awarded annually to “projects whose beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship exemplify professional mastery in the use of natural stone in commercial and residential applications.“

The accolade exemplifies Maiden Stone’s precision-driven approach, ensuring flawless craftsmanship and impeccable quality in every project.

View Project Gallery:

Landscape Architect: DHM Design

General Contractor: Harriman

Photographer: Draper White

Stone Spotlight: Jet Mist Granite

Jet Mist Granite is a stone known for its unique appearance and durability. It typically has a dark background with fine white specks and veins running through it, creating a beautiful and dramatic pattern. This contrast and coloration gives it a sophisticated and luxurious look. The texture of Jet Mist Granite is usually smooth, enhancing its visual appeal. Learn more.


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