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Old Meets New in Manhattan Beach, California

Interior: Tim Clark Design

Photo Credit: Manolo Langis

Unlike some neighboring cities, there are no stylistic limitations when it comes to architectural design in the coveted South Bay city of Manhattan Beach, California.

Boasting some of the most expensive, and beautiful, real estate per square foot in the U.S., the various neighborhoods showcase the city’s eclectic style. One of Maiden Stone's more recently completed projects celebrates old and new in a beachside home that features panoramic views of the Pacific.

Photo Credit: Manolo Langis

Using a Split Face finish, an industry term describing any material that has been broken or split to expose a rougher surface, is nothing new to Maiden Stone. What was new was how it was used on this project.

“Most of the projects that we’ve done in Gris Limestone have all been kind of old world,” Maiden Stone’s founder Sandra Jonas Desguin said. “What’s unique about this property in Manhattan Beach is that it’s one of the newer projects that we’ve done that really showcased our ability to create a modern veneer.”

For this project, the team at Michael Lee Architects created a textured, split faced facade on the mid-century modern home. The interior, designed by Tim Clark Design, features neutral colors that draw the sharp blue contrast of the ocean indoors.

Photo Credit: Manolo Langis

“What’s cool is that the original finish is being used in this modern way. It’s something really natural but at the same time, something precise and controlled,” Jonas Desguin said. “It’s like old meets new.”


Photo Credit: Manolo Langis


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