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Limestone Landscapes: The Enduring Marriage of Nature’s Artistry and Human Craftsmanship

Beautiful home featuring Limestone exterior stonework
Photographer: Paul Dyer

In the realm of exterior landscaping, the choice of material is a critical factor in achieving both aesthetic appeal and longevity. No one understands this more than Strata Landscape Architecture co-founder, Dustin Moore, who credits Maiden Stone’s expertise in which materials perform well in which environments for their long standing partnership. 

Photograph of a luxurious backyard entertainment area with firepit
Photographer: Paul Dyer

A project in California’s Los Altos Hills exemplifies this idea of responsive landscape design. The residence required a high density stone that needed to perform different ways, both in and outside of the home. Strata considered 5 or 6 materials before narrowing the selection to Maiden Stone’s Auberge Limestone in Brushed, used for the entirety of the exterior paving. Limestone was a natural choice, given it doesn’t retain heat–its cool surface makes it comfortable to walk on, even in warm weather. Further, its durability resists typical wear and tear, while less dense stone has pockets that make it vulnerable to etching. This resilience ensures that outdoor surfaces made of limestone maintain their beauty, even in high-traffic areas like a pool. 

Photograph of luxurious pool with Limestone landscape architecture
Photographer: Paul Dyer

Photograph of a luxurious pool at night
Photographer: Paul Dyer

Beyond its longevity, limestone is celebrated for its versatile aesthetic charm. In this case, Moore sought a warm color range, which can prove difficult to source in addition to a material that finishes well. But Auberge Limestone’s soft, earthy tones blend with various design styles, making it an ideal candidate for exterior landscaping. 

“What sets Maiden Stone apart as a vendor,” Moore affirms, “is not just the material selection, but also the meticulous care taken in ensuring the highest standards of quality.”

Those measures include a rigorous inspection of every stone coming off the factory line, to ensure sample matching. With Maiden Stone, he says, “we never end up with a stone and have it fail on site, which is critical when the stakes are so high.” 

Photograph of a Limestone patio with spiral staircase
Photographer: Paul Dyer
Photograph of a Limestone patio
Photographer: Paul Dyer

With a keen focus on ensuring the highest standards, Maiden Stone guarantees that each piece contributes not only to the project’s beauty, but also to its enduring strength. 

Interior Designer: Ambiance Interiors

Landscape Architect: Strata Landscape Architecture

Photographer: Paul Dyer


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