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Watch: Selling Stone with Maiden Stone’s Jammie Pearson

What’s it like being a female sales leader in stone? We checked in with Maiden Stone’s Senior Architectural Stone Consultant Jammie Pearson to learn more about her role and how she’s helping clients realize their dreams in stone.

Pearson dedicates most of her time on projects in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco as well in mountain towns across the Rocky Mountain region.

“Seeing something go from a set of plans to then visiting the job sites and meeting with the team members — to see it come to fruition with our stone being placed in the most amazing settings… I just love everything about it,” she said.

From modern stonescapes set unassumingly amid the mountains to dramatic projects nestled in California’s busiest cities, she admits that “every project is my favorite.”

A passionate sales leader with extensive knowledge of Maiden Stone’s materials, Pearson loves taking on exciting new projects. And while it might be somewhat rare for a woman to helm her role, she finds it empowering.

“Being a female in a very male-dominated field has its advantages,” Pearson said.

“Being the only woman on a job site sometimes makes people sit up and pay a little bit more attention. And when people are paying attention, it’s your chance to prove yourself.”

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