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A Modern Masterpiece On Billionaire's Mountain

Known for its exceptional skiing, notoriously chic après-ski scene, high-end shops, and five-star hotels, Aspen, Colo. is a true luxe winter wonderland that’s home to celebrities and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Photo Credits: Adam Rouse

Aspen's Red Mountain, known as "Billionaire's Mountain," is dotted with some of Pitkin County’s most impressive properties. One of these homes — a contemporary masterpiece overlooking the Rio Grande Trail — required bringing together some of the most accomplished teams in the country to, quite literally, move mountains.

Maiden Stone worked collaboratively with modernist California architectural firm Ro Rockett Design and celebrated Colorado landscape architect Shannon Murphy to create an expansive house that feels very much at home in its element.

The new construction home was completed in the fall of 2016. It was completely customized with every last detail accounted for — including a ceiling renovation that allows the natural light to align in a certain way on the home’s artwork, a collection that was curated by New York City-based AD100 interior designer Julie Hillman.

Alaskan yellow cedar, monolithic stone, steel, and a seamlessly integrated landscape design offers the home a sense of belonging in the mountains. As grand as the house may appear, it looks every bit a part of its surroundings.

The minimalist design achieves this natural look by relying on materials found in nature, like stone and wood, and elevating them with unique architectural features.

With an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, the contemporary home leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury. It boasts an upper-level spa deck, enormous south-facing patios on the main floor, a tranquil entry courtyard, and a heated driveway for melting snow.

Other unique features include an almost floating staircase with steel handrails, visible through a floor-to-ceiling window that spans two levels, and an entirely open floor plan perfect for entertaining.

Some of the stone highlights include Aegean Limestone used for both interior and exterior paving, oversize monolithic stairs with trapezoidal geometric patterns leading to the rooftop spa, a firepit, and carved stone sinks featured in two of the bathrooms. Windsor Select Limestone is also prominently used throughout the home as interior and exterior wall cladding.

“This project was an incredible feat and a true team effort. Throughout the process, Maiden Stone had the opportunity to directly collaborate with all members of the design teams,” said Jammie Pearson, Maiden Stone’s Senior Architectural Stone Consultant. “The end result was a stunning example of how stone can truly elevate beautiful design.”

The property’s show stopping aesthetic, both inside and out, proves how great design teams in collaboration with stone suppliers like Maiden Stone can quite literally move mountains.


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